What Attracts Men In Women On-line Profiles On Dating Sites

Have you ever wondered what attracts men in online dating profiles on dating sites? Why some profiles getting thousands of views every day and others get no attention.

Here is some tips for women to create the most attractive profile:

1) Beautiful and high quality photo (preferably a few photos!)

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Harville Hendrix and Imago Relationship Therapy

Perhaps best known to the general community for his appearances on Oprah, Harville Hendrix is a notable and respected member of the therapeutic community. The good doctor has given his career’s work to studying marriage and relationships, striving to learn what aspects of relationship therapy can be improved upon to set up couples to succeed long term. His experience in both the field of relationships and the field of psychology is vast, having spent over 35 years in various roles, including counselor, educator, and lecturer.

Harville Hendrix received his education from Mercer University and he has a degree in theology and degrees in both religion and psychology from the University of Chicago Divinity School. Much of his popular fame came when he published bestselling books on the subject of relationships and marriage. These books, including Getting the Love you Want and Keeping the Love You Find, have helped millions of people move beyond traditional methods of working through problem relationships.

They say behind any successful man stands a successful woman, and the story of Harville Hendrix is no exception to that rule. With his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt, he has created what may be his primary contribution to the science of marriage and relationship counseling. Known as Imago Relationship Therapy, the program explores the concepts of conscious marriage and parenting. Since its inception, the program has been embraced by thousands of therapists around the world.

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Why Women Prefer Responsible Men For a Relationship

Women nowadays are very much different compared to women from the old days. Nowadays most women work and earn enough money to support her own life. Women nowadays are more independent than ever.

With a condition like that, women more and more cautious when it comes to a serious relationship. Women know that they need men who meet their qualities in order to get together with them.

One of the qualities that women look in a man is his accountability. Accountability means responsibility to someone or for some activity.

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What To Know When Dating A Korean Women

Korean society is one of those few countries left who still follow the Confucian way. Theirs is a very traditional community with very strict rules and regulations. These rules shaped the behavior of Korean people, especially the women. Even the relationship between a man and woman is governed by this set of rules.

These rules do not undermine the rights of women, but states that the man and the woman each has his/her own duties. Korean children are separated from each other since childhood. They are not to sit together in the same room. These rules restrict the women more than than the men.

Korean women are taught to be obedient to the men in their lives. They have to obey their father if they are not yet married, then their husband during marriage, and then their son after her husband’s death. Disobedience is greatly discouraged in their society.

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Do Some Relationship Rescue Work To Save Your Relationship

If you really want to save your relationship you need to do some relationship rescue work to help keep it going. You can find lots of info available to help you resolve the issues that are causing you problems. These will come in the form of books and advice from friends and family. You can even get the advice of counselors and therapist to help you through the bad times.

The best thing you can do toward saving your relationship is to be honest and realize that the blame can be attributed to both parties. Realizing this can help the two of you resolve the problem much sooner. If each of you own up to your contribution to the problem it will be easier to bring an end to the conflict.

Both of you must keep an open mind and be willing to change for the better. Being truly in love requires compromise and you must be able to give and take so the relationship can survive. Both of you need to take a hard look at yourselves to see what things you need to give up or change so you are more compatible. If you are seeing a false reality and you feel you are in a bad situation, a change in perception will help make sense of things.

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